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Tele-monitoring Function

  • Equipped with an integrated modem which wireless connection is set up automatically between the device and the CLOUD.
  • All current therapy data and new settings are automatically called up and sent once a day.

Forced Oscillation Technology (FOT)

  • Reliable differentiation of obstructive apnea from central apnea.
  • Enhance the therapy effectiveness by focusing on obstructive problems.

SoftPAP Relieving Functions

  • Provides safe support and exhalation aid during therapy.
  • More comfort through additional functions such as softSTART, softPAP and auto START-STOP provides ideal support during therapy.

Diverse Interface

  • Multiple data transmission channels including, internal modem, Bluetooth device and SD card.

Unheard of silence

  • Low operating noise level (~26.5 dB).

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Specific References

One-year therapy support program, including:

  • A personal therapy consultant to help you setup and achieve your therapy goals
  • Therapy adaptation scheme in the first week (Conducted by your personal therapy consultant)
  • Overnight oximetry test
  • Therapy progress evaluation in the 2nd month (Conducted by your personal therapy consultant)
  • Mid-year and year-end therapy performance review (Conducted by your personal therapy consultant)
  • Unlimited times of on-site home visits for therapeutic and technical support (By appointment)
  • 24-hour emergency support service
  • Free device loaning service
  • Access SleepWell VIP Page* for compliance data entry and review
  • Prisma monitoring APP


  • 1 pc of Prisma Smart Max
  • 1 pc of humidifer
  • 2 sets of Pico silicone nasal masks with headgears
  • 1 pc of reusable tube
  • 1 pc of replacement tube

Membership benefit and reward:

  • Obtain welcome gift, member-exclusive privilege and our joint-promotion benefits through SleepWell VIP Page*
  • Complete monthly missions to collect stamps in order to redeem discount coupons or health tests
  • Enjoy 15% off discount** at Celki VitalAire Experience Centres
  • Anniversary gift to celebrate therapy initiation

*Your personal consultant will introduce the function of SleepWell VIP Page to you during the therapy progress evaluation in the 2nd month **Not apply for rental service and fixed price products

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You may select either pick up in our Celki office or let Celki technician (within 3 working days) to deliver the CPAP device. In both case, our technician will teach you on how to use and setup the CPAP device.

All our products are OFFICIAL PRODUCT from manufacturer and own the required certificates issued by Department of Health and Manufacturer as in photo.

***Celki VitalAire is now launching the Queue Management System (QMS) at CVEC Shops. You can make appointments for different services during office hours through our online booking system. Make appointment now.

Therapeutic Options

After conducting sleep test, if you are confirmed to suffer from sleep apnea syndrome, doctors will provide therapy solution(s) depending on the severity of your condition.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

If the sleep specialist recommends you to use CPAP, you may conduct a CPAP titration in order to find the optimal pressure. CPAP is a device which delivers pressure to your nasal cavity by a mask to prevent the upper airway from collapsing. It is the most effective and common way of OSA treatment which is suitable for mild to severe sleep apnea patient.

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