About us

Established in 1987, Celki VitalAire has been the pioneer of Home Healthcare Service in Hong Kong. Since 2007, Celki Medical Company has been part of VitalAire, the homecare business division of the French company Air Liquide, which is a world leader in the production and supply of industrial gases, medical gases, medical products and homecare services. 
Celki VitalAire believes in quality service, education and investment in our staff. The goal is to bring better health and quality of life to patients with chronic diseases. We want to be the best company and the leader in the areas we work, consistently.

Our Office

Celki VitalAire is based in Hong Kong with retail shops in Hong Kong and Macau. We employ more than 130 staff members, with about half working in Customer Service and Technical Service, reflecting Celki VitalAire's commitment to the service area.

Our Shop and Scope

Celki VitalAire offers a full scope of homecare products and services from respiratory care, sleep apnea management, diabetes, hypertension to breast-feeding; servicing the newborns to the geriatric. 
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